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Redefining Video at CNN During a Pandemic

Ever think that you were *so close* to getting your life together...and then the #pandemic changed all your plans? CNN knows exactly how that feels. Join us 7/22 at 12 PM ET to hear how members of CNN's team handled the challenge and get their tips for more agile planning & execution! Free registration ⬇️

OFFICE HOURS: Building a Compassionate Culture: Strategies & Tips for Entry-Level to C-Suite

Between the #pandemic and worldwide #protests for #racialequality, most people are dealing with unprecedented levels of stress. So what can you do to help support others in these difficult times? Join us 6/5 at 12 ET for a #virtualchat with Sabeen. We'll be sharing tips and strategies for building a compassionate #companyculture at any level, plus live #QandA. Sign up now!⬇️

When Danielle attended a #PowerToFlyEvent with New Relic last December, she wasn't actively looking for a job. Four months later, she joined New Relic as an Enterprise Sales Executive! 💁 Check out our blog to hear #howshedidit, learn how New Relic managed her #onboarding during a #pandemic, and get Danielle's #careertips for the #salesindustry! 💼 💻

The CARES Act's failure to ensure funding is deployed to communities of color puts our people and our businesses at risk of extinction. Here's how to save both.

"The #COVID_19 #pandemic is, like many tragedies, a magnifying glass over structural #inequity that is generations' old." Check out this #OpEd from Newsweek for important #perspective on how #stimulus packages & #reliefbills will impact communities of color. Want more info? Co-Author Nathalie Molina Niño will be speaking at our upcoming #virtual summit, Diversity Reboot 2020 - Register for free today!