Should I Get A Ph.D. In Computer Science?

We're excited to share today's *live* Chat & Learn with the #PTFcommunity. TODAY'S TOPIC: Thanks to technology, there are so many ways to further your career in technology, from #bootcamps to MOOCs, the possibilities are endless. But in a world of online learnings and fast pace courses, it's easy to forget what many consider the "traditional" route to an #education - a college degree. The big question is, is this route really that traditional? ABOUT THE SPEAKER: After getting her B.Sc and M.Sc in #ComputerEngineering in Iran with the highest honors, Pantea Zardoshti is joining us to talk about the journey to her PhD in #ComputerScience, why she chose to go this path, and her tips for aspiring (or current) #PhDStudents! See you *virtually* at 3pm EDT ⤵️