Launching A Successful Career In IT When You're Not Technical

Did you know that there are nearly 6 million people working in IT today and nearly half of those jobs are non-technical? Just because you aren't a programmer, doesn't mean you can't launch a successful career in tech. If you're interested in learning about in-demand skillsets, how to highlight past experiences on your resume, or which career path makes the most sense for you, join tomorrow's live chat! -- MEET THE EXPERT: Siobhan Hunter is a senior executive with extensive international experience in the areas of Supply Chain Management, Business Operations, and Relationship Management. She has a proven track record of delivering results such as increased customer satisfaction, total cost reduction and operational efficiency. After spending her career in high tech manufacturing, Siobhan joined Bluecrossblueshield of North Carolina 6 years ago. She’s currently the Director of IT Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Gen Z engineering students say these are the 50 best global companies for diversity and inclusion

Congratulations to all the #PowerToFly clients that are on this list! - Business Insider Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is not always easy, but it's always 100% worth it for each person that feels like they can belong. #PowertoFly #Community #DiversityAndInclusion #NextGeneration #TalentAcquistion #Culture

“Tech Heroes” podcast, powered by Intuit, is about technologists, the tech that they are obsessed about and the work that gives them energy. Hosted by Aliza Carpio, Tech Evangelist

Listen to this podcast series from our friends at Intuit + check out 525 open roles on #PowerToFly. -- “Tech Heroes” podcast, powered by #Intuit, is about technologists, the tech that they are obsessed about and the work that gives them energy.

Communicating With Confidence

How are your #communication skills? Does stage fright get the best of you (even if the stage means a presentation to two or three people)? Learn how to foster a more positive relationship with your nerves in this hour-long virtual chat with Amanda Hennessey, Founder, Coach, and Facilitator of Boston Public Speaking and San Diego Public Speaking! Submit your questions and join us live! ⤵️

Is Your Remote Career Powered To Fly?

Is Your Remote Career Powered To Fly? Whether you're looking for your first virtual role, or if you're among the 99% who "would like to work remotely at least some of the time for the rest of their careers," remote professionals face unique challenges when it comes to career development. Let's talk through those challenges and how to overcome them, to access a sustainable #remote career that works for you. -- ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Tammy Bjelland is the Founder and CEO of Workplaceless, an elearning company that trains teams on how to work, lead, grow, and thrive remotely. With her background in higher education, publishing, edtech, elearning, and corporate training, she is committed to developing learning solutions that drive and support the future of education and the future of work. #RemoteWork #RemoteJobs #CareerAdvice #DigitalNomad ⤵️