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Productivity Tips for Remote Workers

8 Ways to Crush Your Work When You're Working From Home

Did you know that 90% of workers say they get more done when they work remotely?

So what is it that leads them to be more productive, rather than just watching Netflix and taking naps all day, as so many (micro)managers fear?


Productivity In Writing- Improve Your Skills And Write Faster

Ready for another hot topic Chat & Learn? 🤗 Today at 12pm EST, we'll chat w/ Henneke Duistermaat [author, blogger, writing coach] on how to increase your #productivity in #writing. Join us on your lunch break as we learn how to improve our skills! It's free! 😎 Henneke will answer your questions live. Sign up & submit your question here: #Community #Diversity #Inclusion #CareerGrowth

How to Prototype to Build a Better Product [On Demand Webinar]

Prototypes may seem like an extra step in your process but in reality they can save you considerable time and money when you are developing and pitching your product. In this masterclass, we explain how prototyping can take your product to the next level.

(Register now and watch the training session anytime - Availability Runs through December 31, 2018! You will receive a separate email in your inbox with a link to the seminar after you have completed your purchase. If you would like to access all of our on-demand webinars for free, sign-up for a PowerToFly VIP membership.)

UX Designer, writer and teacher Sarah Doody, who is equally experienced in working with both startups and established companies, will help you understand why prototyping should be an important step in your process. Sarah will also share examples from her own career and throughout the industry.

The seminar covers:

  • Why must we prototype
  • The prototyping process
  • Tips to prototype with a purpose
  • The risks of building too fast
  • Understanding pain points
  • Creating a map of a user's journey
  • Testing key problems
Katharine Zaleski's Blog

Productivity Planning When You Know You're Overwhelmed

Last Saturday night I had a nightmare. I went to LA for a business trip and I spent hours trying to find my ticket home only to realize that I had never booked it. I woke up in a cold sweat. Once I collected myself - with the help of copious amounts of coffee - I made a triage list to get me through the week.

I've written in this blog before about my productivity methods and the personality tests I took to understand what I needed. I use a journal called the "Productivity Planner" and I time my work in Pomodoro intervals. My goal is to break everything down into simple tasks. Last week, I stopped doing that and not only did I have a much lower productivity rate, but my subconscious started to get overwhelmed.

So my advice to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed is simple: break everything down into tasks and set a Pomodoro timer. Then wait to see if you have dreams about whether you bought your tickets home - you won't have them, at least not as often.

The Productivity Planner I recommend