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OFFICE HOURS: How to Create a Connected Team Culture in the Remote Workplace

A connected team culture can boost the #productivity and effectiveness of your organization and result in happier employees. With the #remoteworkplace, staying connected becomes even more critical but also more difficult. How can you build a shared set of team values and behaviors that #bringpeopletogether? Join Amy Wang, a seasoned Product and Technology leader and PowerToFly Mentor, for a 30 minute #askmeanything Office hours session. Discussion starts 6/12 at 12 ET, don't miss it! Sign up now!

How To Be A High-Functioning Remote Team Member — From A Remote Boss

Are you new to #WorkingFromHome? Join us 3/19 at 3pm EDT for a free, virtual Q&A with our co-founder, Katharine Zaleski - #askheranything about #remotework, from #productivity to tips for better #communication, whatever you want to know! Register now⬇️

Our free downloadable spreadsheet for budgeting — The Fiscal Femme

How's your #FinancialHealth? Get this free downloadable spreadsheet for budgeting from our friends at The Fiscal Femme. -- "When we know what we want to be happening with our money (having a spending plan) and then track where our money is going (following through with that plan), it’s actually hugely liberating." #FinancialWellness #Budget #Productivity #Freedom ⤵️

Is the 4-day work week coming? Microsoft says it boosted #productivity. #Microsoft Japan piloted a 4-day work week this summer and the results speak for themselves. According to a recent NPR article recapping the test: ✔There was a productivity boost of 40% ✔Electricity costs fell by 23% ✔Printing decreased by 60% Are you pro 4-day work week? Tell us in the comments! ➡️ ⬅️