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How's your #FinancialHealth? Get this free downloadable spreadsheet for budgeting from our friends at The Fiscal Femme. -- "When we know what we want to be happening with our money (having a spending plan) and then track where our money is going (following through with that plan), it’s actually hugely liberating." #FinancialWellness #Budget #Productivity #Freedom ⤵️

Is the 4-day work week coming? Microsoft says it boosted #productivity. #Microsoft Japan piloted a 4-day work week this summer and the results speak for themselves. According to a recent NPR article recapping the test: ✔There was a productivity boost of 40% ✔Electricity costs fell by 23% ✔Printing decreased by 60% Are you pro 4-day work week? Tell us in the comments! ➡️ ⬅️

56 days left in 2019! 🎉 Time to reflect on the past year and prepare for 2020. This is especially true if you #WorkFromHome: from #tax write-offs to redesigning your home office to maximizing productivity, there's a lot you can do to make 2020 your most efficient year yet. #CareerAdvice #RemoteWork #Productivity #Inclusion #Community ➡️ ⬅️
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Productivity Tips for Remote Workers

8 Ways to Crush Your Work When You're Working From Home

Did you know that 90% of workers say they get more done when they work remotely?

So what is it that leads them to be more productive, rather than just watching Netflix and taking naps all day, as so many (micro)managers fear?


Productivity In Writing- Improve Your Skills And Write Faster

Ready for another hot topic Chat & Learn? 🤗 Today at 12pm EST, we'll chat w/ Henneke Duistermaat [author, blogger, writing coach] on how to increase your #productivity in #writing. Join us on your lunch break as we learn how to improve our skills! It's free! 😎 Henneke will answer your questions live. Sign up & submit your question here: #Community #Diversity #Inclusion #CareerGrowth