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💎 Would you like to work at @Automattic? Get some valuable tips that will help you ace your interview with the company! 📼 Watch this video to see what it's like to work at Automattic and get some insights into the interview process from Romina Suarez, an Automattic engineer who focuses on engineering hiring. 👉 Automattic is hiring! Check out the company’s open jobs: Senior Software Engineer (Frontend, JavaScript) (remote!) Senior Backend Software Engineer (remote!) Happiness Engineer (remote!) 📼 If you’d like to work at Automattic, the first thing you need to know is they are hiring pragmatic engineers who get things done. They look for engineers who communicate clearly, learn from feedback, design systems, and who will think of the person to come after them. They value an equal mix of effectiveness, positive attitude, and design know-how. 📼 When applying to work at Automattic, make sure you become familiar with the company creed. It's not just a list of things they wrote once and forgot. They actually use it to make decisions, provide feedback, and become better Automatticians. So as you're preparing to apply, think about the creed and how it impacts your experience, insight, and values, and use that information to show the best version of yourself. Work at Automattic - Interview Process The first step in the Automattic interview process is a text-based interview, usually done via Slack, where you’ll answer a series of questions. After completing this step, you’ll be invited to a code test, which will then lead you to the last step: a trial project, where you’ll be guided by one of the company’s engineers. Make sure to catch Romina’s tips for each step of the process! 🧑‍💼 Are you interested in joining Automattic? They have open positions! To learn more, click here:

💎 So you’ve come to the final stages of the interview process, but you’re still wondering: Is this company right for me? Learn three must-haves that will help you choose the best place to work! 📼 If you find yourself in front of a job offer thinking, “Is this company right for me?” play this video to get three top must-haves from Dionabel Espinola, Customer Success Manager at Veracode. 👉Want to work at Veracode? They’re hiring! Check out the company’s open jobs: Solutions Architect, Channel (remote!) Senior Software Engineer (remote!) Principal Customer Success Manager (remote!) 📨 Are you interested in joining Veracode? They have open positions! To learn more, click here:

💎 “What motivates you?” What’s the best way to answer this interview question? See these tips from a recruiter to find out! 📼 Watch this video from SevenFifty and learn how to answer the “what motivates you?” interview question. Nathalie Rodriguez, Director of Recruiting at SevenFifty, shares insight into preparing for their application process. 👉 SevenFifty is hiring! Check out the company’s open jobs: Senior Account Executive (remote!) FP&A Manager (remote!) Content Specialist (remote!) 📼 “Tell us about what motivates you.” This is a really common interview question that the company asks regarding motivations and interests. They want to ensure that what you're planning to do in the future aligns with the role you’re applying to and the various tasks you will be solving. 📼 When answering what motivates you, a way to stand out in the interview process (especially in front of a recruiter or hiring manager) is to ask great questions. This implies that you are curious, work well with ambiguity, and that you can uncover answers to questions that arise. Curiosity is important and really differentiates you from other candidates. Ask great questions of all the interviewers, and you’ll leave a lasting impression on the team! Talk About What Motivates You - Tips For Interview Questions SevenFifty is an organization that prides itself on building a true community where team members can bring their authentic selves to work. They want to invite people into the company who are motivated by an inclusive environment. The best way to prepare for a community-fit session for interviews is to visit their website, understand their values, and be prepared to offer examples of ways you've applied those values in your current role or previous roles. 🧑‍💼 Are you interested in joining SevenFifty? They have open positions! To learn more, click here:

💎 Preparation for a job interview is surrounded by many myths and misconceptions. Listen to these recruiters’ advice to debunk the myths and prepare for landing your dream job! 📼In this video, you’ll hear from Trudy Curto, Senior Manager of Talent Marketing at Okta, and Lisa Semerdjian, Senior Recruiter at Auth0, now part of the Okta family, as they reveal the truth around common interview myths. 👉 Okta is hiring! Check the company’s open jobs: Software Engineer (Canada remote!) Sr/Staff Business Systems Analyst - Salesforce (remote!) Senior Solutions Architect - Strategic (US remote!) 📼 So what exactly are the most common interview myths and misconceptions? For starters, there’s this one that goes “if you don't hear back from a recruiter in a certain amount of time at any stage during the interview, it means you didn't get the job.” This is a total myth. Application processes are not the same for every company, so there’s not an exact period of time when you’ll get your answer. Just be patient! 📼 Another interview myth, or misconception, is that the interview process is a one-way street. If this were true, the interview would only be about the recruiter or interviewer asking questions and gauging if you're a fit for the role. This is a total myth. It's really important to make sure that the role (and company) are the right fit for you. So remember, you’re interviewing the company as well. Interview Myths - Last, but not least The last myth or misconception is that if you apply for a role and you don't get the job, you can never work at the company in the future. This is a huge myth. Okta has a talent community that you can opt into at any time. Check out their career site and join the community for the latest news, job alerts, events, and ultimately to stay connected with Okta. 🧑‍💼 Are you interested in joining Okta? They have open positions! To learn more, click here: