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Zenjob is hiring!

ATTN #JobSeekers! Zenjob is looking for an #engineeringlead! Interested? Get more details here ⬇️

Harvest is looking for a Database Engineer!

ATTN #JobSeekers! Harvest is looking for a #databaseengineer! Interested? Get more details here ⬇️

Flexport Event June

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the professional world right now. While many companies are still growing, hiring, and promoting, our focus has shifted away from career growth and towards temporary solutions. That being said, there’s never been a better time to reflect on what we need, where we want to be, and how to get there. Inspire your career search and gain the tools to get where you’re going during our virtual event with Flexport’s Head of Learning & Development and two employees who pivoted careers. We’ll discuss career progression and changes during COVID-19, crafting the ideal job, and action items for moving forward. Space is limited - RSVP today & save your seat:

Helix C&L

Feeling stuck about finding (and starting) your first software engineering role? Anna was in your shoes only a few short years ago. After graduating with a with a degree in molecular biology she quickly realized this wasn't how she wanted to spend her working days... but was it too late to change her mind?! The answer is absolutely not. Not only did Ana find a field she was passionate about, but within a few short months she landed her first role at Helix, a company making DNA learning accessible and actionable for everyone - how did she do it?! Join her live Q&A on Monday, June 29th to find out - and ask her your pressing questions virtually! SIGN UP:

Up Next - Maxine Williams

Up next on the main stage will be Maxine Williams, Global Chief Diversity Officer of Facebook! #DiversityReboot2020 For any guests that are hearing impaired, read a real-time live transcript of this keynote by visiting: