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Building Your Skills Doesn’t Have to be Limited to Your Day Job: Leveraging Your Side-Hustle to Fill Your Cup

"Don't quit your day job!" 🙄 *groan* Whether that's tempting or leaves you feeling torn, Peg Scofield is here to share you actually CAN have it all! Currently a Senior Software Developer at Clarus Commerce, she also freelances on the side as a Web Developer for her own company, PurpleDog Web Productions. In tomorrow's Chat & Learn she'll talk about how Building Your Skills Doesn’t Have to be Limited to Your Day Job: Leveraging Your Side-Hustle to Fill Your Cup. Join us Wed, Jan 13 during your lunch break at 12:00 PM ET. ✨ Sign up and submit your questions here:

Breaking Into UX: Landing Your First Role as a UX Designer

Trying to break into UX and having a tough time? 😩 😣 Whether you’re a new graduate of a traditional design program, fresh off a boot camp, or trying to turn a side hustle into your next career, this chat is for you! You’ll get some practical advice and best tips to get your foot in the door of your next opportunity! Your questions will help direct the conversation, so make sure to submit them at registration or anytime before this chat. Join us tomorrow, Dec 16, from 3:00 - 4:00 PM ET.

Products by Women | PowerToFly - Study Circles: Mock Interviews

Join Products by Women & PowerToFly for their series of Study Circles focused on interview preparation. ✍️ For this event we will do a brief overview of both Products by Women and PowerToFly and then jump into networking and mock interview questions! If you're looking for a job, thinking about pivoting into a new role, or just looking to meet new women - join us tomorrow at 5:00 PM ET and expand your network. Sign up and submit your questions:

It’s Not Bragging if It’s True: Stop Being Coy & Start Embracing What You Bring to the Table

Learn the skill of self-promotion! 🗣️ Sometimes in order to advance your career, you need to share your achievements but that doesn't come naturally for everyone. Join us tomorrow from 1:00 - 2:00 PM ET as Elinor Honigstein will teach you how to challenge social perceptions and unconscious biases; and you'll leave this virtual event with actionable steps to build a habit of effective and authentic self-promotion. Submit your questions and sign up here: