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OFFICE HOURS: Performance & Accountability: Measuring Your Teams Performance and Holding Them and Yourself Accountable

With #COVID_19 forcing workers into #remotework life almost overnight, even the most #remotefriendly companies find themselves rethinking their definition of performance and wondering how to measure it and how to hold their workforce accountable. Join us 6/24 for an open discussion about what works, what doesn't, and how to avoid the common pitfalls when trying to balance it all. Register today!

Jen Ruiz on TikTok

brb gotta learn some new moves 💃🤳 ...unless Jen on a Jet Plane would like to teach a #masterclass? #seriously #haveyourpeoplecallourpeople

The Remote Work Summit 2020 | Largest Online Conference | Free Pass

Our CEO Milena Berry will be speaking TODAY at The Remote Work Summit 2020 - the largest online conference on #remotework. 24 Industry Experts & 12k+ HRs, CXOs, remote workers & freelancers will be coming together to discuss remote careers, teams & organizations. Sign up now, it's free!

Is working between naps your new MO?🤱🏽💻 If you're currently #WFHWK you NEED to join Nicole tomorrow night for Parents' Panel: Supporting Your Fellow Parents' Transition to #RemoteWork Bring your #kids, bring your beverage of choice, bring your #comfypants - just don't miss it! 4/2 at 8pm EDT Free registration link in bio!!

How To Be A High-Functioning Remote Team Member — From A Remote Boss

Are you new to #WorkingFromHome? Join us 3/19 at 3pm EDT for a free, virtual Q&A with our co-founder, Katharine Zaleski - #askheranything about #remotework, from #productivity to tips for better #communication, whatever you want to know! Register now⬇️