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S&P Global Believes In Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

Building a cupcake business in Brooklyn

At S&P Global, they believe empowering women entrepreneurs makes economies thrive. On April 28th, Brooklyn Cupcake filled an order of over 3,200 cupcakes to celebrate S&P Global's 1 year re-branding anniversary. At S&P Global, they tackle the challenges women face in launching and developing their businesses—from gender bias to systemic lack of access to capital—with the same skills and insights that make them effective in delivering essential intelligence to their clients. They promote the flow of resources and capital to enterprises owned and managed by women in three ways:- Leveraging their own unique business capabilities—data, technology, and insights.- Supporting partners that provide the women-owned small business sector with financial tools that meet the distinct needs of women.- Sharing their collective knowledge and experience with women entrepreneurs through employee-led mentorships.

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S&P Global Inc

Adding More Women To The U.S. Workforce Could Send Global Stock Markets Soaring

PowerToFly Partner, S&P Global, Releases New Report

Below is an article originally written by PowerToFly hiring partner S&P Global (Jodie Gunzberg, Beth Ann Bovino and Jason Gold) and can be found here. Go to S&P Global's Page on PowerToFly to learn more.

The global bull market in stocks has been long. Historic, even. Will it end? Sure, someday, just as all such runs do. But S&P Global has found an underutilized source of growth that could send global market valuations soaring—to the tune of an extra $5.87 trillion over the next decade. On the heels of our 2017 paper, The Key To Unlocking U.S. GDP Growth? Women, we decided to see what adding more women to the American workforce would mean for an aging bull market, in the U.S. and abroad. The results astounded us.

S&P Global Inc

Women are Essential in Leadership

Female leaders at S&P Global share perspectives that fuel their success. Relationship building. Inspiration. Support network. Facing failure. The long view. These are essential elements of the entrepreneurial spirit, and are often used by successful people to set ideas in motion and to grow and develop—both personally and professionally. Here, five S&P Global female leaders discuss their journeys to success, lessons they've learned along the way, and how they embrace their entrepreneurial spirit.

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