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Protect your time. Take our #SelfLoveSeptember challenge 💝 Set your schedule for the day — when you'll arrive at work and when you'll leave, and stick to it. You can also block off time during the day for lunch, a quick workout, or a productive, interruption-free work session. You can protect your time in your personal life, too — try saying no when a friend tries to guilt you into doing something you'd rather not. Take the full challenge here⤵️

Dear Friends, Here's a friendly reminder to keep up your #SelfLoveSeptember monthly challenge. 💛💙💚 #SelfLoveSeptember is all about honoring the contributions you've made to your own development, growth, endurance, strength, and security, and the well-being of your family, friends, workplace, and community. Complete these challenges below (get more details on the blog) and join the conversation. 1. Forgive yourself. 2. Stand up for yourself. 3. Protect your time. 4. Write down 3 of your favorite qualities about yourself. 5. Identify one thing you did really well during the day. 6. Do something you love by yourself. 7. Ask someone else what they like about you. ⤵️

Have you taken our #SelfLoveSeptember challenge? The goal of this monthly challenge is to accept that although we will always be less than perfect, we are works in progress that deserve to be loved. And that starts with loving ourselves. We've got 7 kinds of challenges. Complete one of them each day or simply pick your favorites and repeat them as much as you like. Have fun! ⤵️