Let's Talk About Financial Wellness

Let's talk about #FinancialWellness. Do you want to start building a successful financial future? In many ways, women are at a disadvantage from birth, today making 80.7 cents for every dollar a man makes, not considering the time we may take to raise children, or take care of aging parents that put us at a financial disadvantage. Stacia Morris is here to tell you it doesn't have to be this way. Not only is Stacia a #FinancialAdvisor, but she also authored Teen Money 101 (featured on ABC) and speaks about how women can build their financial future at any age. Join Stacia for this virtual conversation and ask her anything about financial wellness!

Navigating Decision, Planning & Management of a Career Change or Relocation

Don't miss tomorrow's ***live virtual chat!*** TOPIC: Navigating Decision, Planning & Management of a Career Change or Relocation Kelly moved her life from New York to Los Angeles, to Seattle then Amsterdam and back to Los Angeles [so far]. Looking for resources to explore options? Trying to prepare and set expectations for a new start? Overwhelmed in a new place trying to make sense out of everything? Join this chat to ask Kelly anything, live! "Making risky relocations within the US and to Europe have been the most valuable experiences of my life! From new careers to new people, to adventures of driving across the US, up and down the west coast, weekends in Paris, road trips around Italy or holidays in Spain, building a new life can be a dream but it’s not easy."

Join tomorrow's free virtual chat to end the week on a high note. 🎯💯 Learn how to turn your #PartTime, #freelance, or #contract gig into a #FullTime role before 2020! TOPIC: Getting Placed Permanently While Working As A Contractor There are many non-traditional ways to score major roles at big companies (or even smaller, but competitive ones) and starting as a contractor is one of them. Some people choose contracting as a way to test the waters at an organization, while others have specific goals to achieve or milestones to hit before transitioning and applying to a full time role. Ask Elinor Cohen anything in this hour-long, live Q&A about how you can turn your part-time, freelance, or contract gig into a full-time role before the new year! Join the conversation. ⤵️

Returning to the Workforce with Confidence

Chat live with two experts tomorrow! TOPIC: Returning to the Workforce with Confidence Have you been away from the workforce for an extended period and want to resume your career? Maria Wright, now a Senior Consultant at Deloitte was looking to make the transition, and thanks to Deloitte's ENCORE program, she was able to refresh her skills, gain relevant experience, and with the assistance of a coach, rejoin the workforce with confidence. In this chat, you'll have the opportunity to ask Maria anything about her decision to return to work, how she got into the program, and what her experience was like. She'll be joined by Anjali Sinha, Senior Manager of Talent Strategy & Innovation at #Deloitte, who can answer your return-to-work questions from a hiring managers perspective - you won't want to miss this!

Transitioning from IC to Management

Chat with an expert tomorrow! TOPIC: Transitioning from IC to Management Individual contributors (also known as IC's) get promoted because they're really good at what they do. But, when an IC get's promoted to a managerial role, there's an entirely new set of skills they need to develop to be successful, and that can be challenging. As an early employee of #DocuSign, Kirsten Schaub helped her company grow from 100 employees to 1500+, from a Seattle-based business with a San Francisco satellite office to a global company with offices across continents, all while successfully making the transition from IC to manager. Kirsten is joining us for a live Q&A to answer your questions about how you can hone your IC skills to become the best manager you can be, while still growing within an organization. Ask Kirsten anything, LIVE in this Q&A!