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Implementing Balance/ Meal Planning Into Your Self-Care Routine

Do you want to develop healthier food habits but don't know where to start? Join us TODAY at 3pm EDT for a live Q&A with registered #dietician & licensed #nutritionist @Wholeistic_RD. Get Jenna's tips for #mealplanning & #askheranything! Register now!⬇️

How To Be A High-Functioning Remote Team Member — From A Remote Boss

Are you new to #WorkingFromHome? Join us 3/19 at 3pm EDT for a free, virtual Q&A with our co-founder, Katharine Zaleski - #askheranything about #remotework, from #productivity to tips for better #communication, whatever you want to know! Register now⬇️

She Broke the Glass Ceiling as the First Single Mother and Latina Mayor of Topeka, Kansas - She Wants You to Do the Same in Your Community

Are you #readytorun? Thousands of women across the nation are #campaigning for #publicoffice to address issues in their communities. Join us 3/9 at 3pm EST to learn from a woman who has done it! Michelle De La Isla is the first #Latina AND first #singlemother to hold the office of Mayor in Topeka, Kansas. Now she's running for #USCongress and sharing her story of struggles & triumphs with YOU during our live Q&A! Don't miss the conversation, register for free today!⬇️

She’s a Career Matchmaker Connecting Diverse Candidates with Disruptive Companies

Do you handle a #jobsearch the same way you handle dating? If not, maybe you should be...🤷❤️💼 Recruiter Suzanne Sheely knows that both searches can be a long & sometimes exhausting process. But she thinks that everyone could use a #matchmaking friend to help pair #diverse candidates with disruptive companies. Join us 3/6 at 1pm EST to learn her tips for identifying skilled talent, standing out in the crowd of #jobseekers, and acing your #interview! You can ask her anything during our live Q&A! Register for free today!⬇️