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Thales Usa Inc.

Meet Danielle Humphreys, Regional Sales Manager At Thales

While working at Thales for 11 years, Danielle has relished taking different positions and continuing to challenge herself.

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Thales Usa Inc.

Meet Pavneet Rehsi, Group Lead, Hardware Design At Thales

Pavneet, an Electrical Engineer at Thales, is passionate about design and high-level problem solving. Of the work being done at Thales, Pavneet says, "It is amazing to see how it all comes to life when designers put their heart and soul into every little detail".

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Thales Usa Inc.

Meet Parimah, Technical Support Engineer At Thales

Here's how Parimah explains others' reactions to her job at Thales: "People are always interested when they hear my job is to stop hackers". All this in a company culture that Parimah describes as fun, challenging, and innovative!

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Thales Usa Inc.

Re-Watch Our Lunch & Learn With The Women Of Thales

Jilene (Frost) Nevor and Carrie Starnes Answer Your Questions About Working At Thales

PowerToFly recently invited a few women leaders from our partner, Thales to share their best interviewing tips and chat with a group of Community Members about what it's really like working at Thales!

Jilene (Frost) Nevor, Thales' Senior Technical Recruiter, and Carrie Starnes, Thales' Director of Project Management Office, spent an hour answering attendees pre-submitted their questions, such as:

  • What are some of your current and future projects?
  • Which software technologies & tools does Thales use?
  • What is the culture like for women in tech at Thales?
  • How can I stand out if I apply to Thales?
  • What does the application process look like, and how long does it take?
  • and many more!
Click here to watch the recording, and learn more about the company that's creating advanced technology systems making the world a better place to live in.
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Thales Usa Inc.

Thales Takes First Prize With Campaign “LET'S GO BEYOND STEREOTYPES”

Going beyond stereotypes to see each individual employee as a unique person

Going beyond stereotypes to see each individual as a unique person was the objective of the awareness campaign launched by Thales in June. This campaign has now become an award-winning one after obtaining, on November 23rd, first prize* at the "Communication & Entreprise**" awards.

The goal of the campaign was to surprise and to confront, in a simple and quirky manner, the question of stereotypes throughout the Group.

This June, funny faces appeared on mirrors and windows on all Thales sites, provoking an element of surprise. What did these stickers mean and who had placed them there? Discussions continued for a week until an article published on the intranet and a series of posters completed the campaign and revealed what it was all about; to provoke discussions on stereotypes! It explained that stereotypes and prejudices are simply part of the way our brains work, and reminded us that we can act by first becoming aware of this fact, and that we are not obliged to accept them.

Beyond the element of surprise, this awareness campaign also provoked genuine discussions amongst teams. No other article on the Thales intranet has ever received as many comments, sometimes encouraging, often humorous and occasionally critical, but this was an integral part of the campaign; that everyone could express their own opinions whilst also listening to those of others. The engagement of teams was clear, with many people taking photos of themselves and their colleagues and posting them on social networks.

Diversity and Inclusion remain more than ever topics for which Thales has ambitious objectives. We intend to keep the momentum and stay innovative in this domain to go beyond the engagements we have already made!

*First prize in the "No more clichés" category
**With over 1,750 adherents, "Communication & Entreprise" is the largest Corporate Communications association in France, and plays a key role in representing and promoting the profession.