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Some #mondaymotivation for you! ⚡️ I need this kinda energy to kick off my week 👩‍🚀🚀 #Repost @thefiscalfemme ・・・ In the words of Elle Woods, "what, like it's hard?"⠀ ⠀ Channeling her confidence this week. I have some big projects I'm working on that are feeling ambiguous and daunting. I'm going to follow her lead, break the project up into steps, and get after it like this Wonder Woman going to space.⠀ ⠀ Are there any areas of your life you could use a dose of Wonder Woman confidence this week?

Our free downloadable spreadsheet for budgeting — The Fiscal Femme

How's your #FinancialHealth? Get this free downloadable spreadsheet for budgeting from our friends at The Fiscal Femme. -- "When we know what we want to be happening with our money (having a spending plan) and then track where our money is going (following through with that plan), it’s actually hugely liberating." #FinancialWellness #Budget #Productivity #Freedom ⤵️

A five step plan to putting together a budget (and why I hate the word!) — The Fiscal Femme

Let's talk about #FinancialWellness. 💰💰💰 Step 1: Swap the term #budget for "happiness allocation" instead. -- "A happiness allocation is a much more fitting term for a budget because it’s just a plan to allocate our money in the ways that are going to make us the happiest in the short and long-term. While we often think of budgets as restrictive or limiting our fun, they are usually the opposite and give us tremendous freedom. " Get more tips & tricks from our friends at The Fiscal Femme. ⤵️

The Worst Day of My First Internship: Pay Day — The Fiscal Femme

Ready for #PayDay? Plug those big $$$ into an annual plan using a free resource The Fiscal Femme discovered after her first paid internship. Plug in your salary, location, & tax allowances into a paycheck calculator... and voilà. Happy planning! ⤵️