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Our free downloadable spreadsheet for budgeting β€” The Fiscal Femme

How's your #FinancialHealth? Get this free downloadable spreadsheet for budgeting from our friends at The Fiscal Femme. -- "When we know what we want to be happening with our money (having a spending plan) and then track where our money is going (following through with that plan), it’s actually hugely liberating." #FinancialWellness #Budget #Productivity #Freedom ‡️

A five step plan to putting together a budget (and why I hate the word!) β€” The Fiscal Femme

Let's talk about #FinancialWellness. πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° Step 1: Swap the term #budget for "happiness allocation" instead. -- "A happiness allocation is a much more fitting term for a budget because it’s just a plan to allocate our money in the ways that are going to make us the happiest in the short and long-term. While we often think of budgets as restrictive or limiting our fun, they are usually the opposite and give us tremendous freedom. " Get more tips & tricks from our friends at The Fiscal Femme. ‡️

The Worst Day of My First Internship: Pay Day β€” The Fiscal Femme

Ready for #PayDay? Plug those big $$$ into an annual plan using a free resource The Fiscal Femme discovered after her first paid internship. Plug in your salary, location, & tax allowances into a paycheck calculator... and voilà. Happy planning! ‡️

Why Women Need To Be Wealthy And What We Can Do To Get There β€” The Fiscal Femme

Be sure to add this super insightful article from The Fiscal Femme to your reading list. Topic: ‡️ Why women need to be wealthy and what we can do to get there. πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° Great quote: ‡️ "Through my work, I’ve found that everyone struggles with money. Regardless of our relationship status, where we live, or even how much money we make, it’s a universal pain point." Read on‡️