PowerToFly Parents' Panel: Addressing Mom Guilt

PowerToFly is excited to host our first-ever virtual Parents' Panel on October 29th! In this panel, we're breaking down the stigma that comes with being a "working parent" and addressing the guilt that so many of us feel during both situations - at work wishing you were home, and at home thinking about work.

Ask these experts ANYTHING during this free, virtual conversation on PowerToFly!

Meet the Panelists:

Deena Campbell is the Experts and Lifestyle Editor at Motherly. Her work has been published in Allure, The New York Times, PopSugar, Essence and a host of others. She currently resides in New Jersey where she lives with her husband and two young children.

Debi Yadegari is the Founder and CEO of MommaWork, a management consulting firm that strategically partners with companies to provide invaluable working parent support. MommaWork offers Corporate Lactation Support Services, New Parent Transition Coaching, Hospital Grade Breast Pump Rentals, Manager Sensitivity Training, and Legal and HR Compliance. Once a Wall Street lawyer, she is now a trusted authority on matters relating to lactation accommodation law and working parenthood. She is a certified lactation counselor, parenting expert, and mother of five. Using statistical analyses, and speaking from a place of true passion, Debi demonstrates how providing the support working parents need can be win-win for the employer and employee.

Christine Rushing is a 33-year-old native of Savannah, Ga. She is a birth doula, childbirth educator, Certified Lactation Counselor, 2019 Facebook Community Leadership Fellow, and founder of Milky Mommas, a 501c3 nonprofit with a private support community with over 102k members. Christine works from home and also homeschools her 3 children: Lucy (8), August (5), and Indie (2).

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Thales Usa Inc.

From Air Force Veteran to Director of Engineering Ops

If you'd like to attend this virtual chat, please email for an invite!

Thales creates advanced technology systems that make the world a better place to live in, especially if you love to travel. Want to learn more about Thales, including what they are looking for in new team members? Then please join PowerToFly on our invite-only virtual chat featuring Thales' Victoria Snyder – Director of Engineering Operations, who will be ready to take your questions and discuss her career journey from Air Force veteran to Director of Engineering Ops.

Join us on Wednesday, October 16th from 1pm to 2pm ET (10am to 11am PT). Join the virtual chat here:

Even if you've never heard of Thales, you've probably used their technologies in one way or another.

  • Like watching movies at 35,000 feet? Thales InFlyt Experience technology keeps you entertained as you fly from one side of the world to the other.
  • Traveled by train recently? When you bought your ticket from a vending machine, you most likely completed your purchase with Thales' on board validator.
  • Checked your bank balance on your phone today? Thales protects the information systems of 19 of the world's 20 largest banks.

Thales also offers relocation and visa sponsorship as well as a 401(k), generous paid time off, mentor programs and a wellness plan. Thales is hiring but if you just want to join the chat to learn more, that's great too.

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Gainsight, Inc.

Watch Our Webinar with Gainsight's Women Sales + Tech Leaders

PowerToFly was proud to partner with Gainsight, one of the fastest growing platforms for Customer Success, to host a remote webinar on Thursday, August 22nd. After answering some questions from PowerToFly's Director of Customer Success Cristina Duke, our panelists dedicated the entire second half of the webinar to answering live and pre-submitted questions from the audience.


Panelists from Gainsight included:

Topics for the webinar included:

  • Breaking Into the Industry
  • Training and Keeping Up with Trends
  • Supporting Your Team
  • When Product Meets Sales
  • Work-Life Integration