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Choices, choices: Manager or Individual Contributor? Which to choose? How to choose? Join PagerDuty's Dileshni Jayasinghe and Paula Thrasher on Mon, Oct 25 at 3PM ET as they share their non-linear career experiences and give advice on how to choose the right role for you:

Have a great idea but not sure how to execute it? 🤷 Turn your idea into a product with Taye Johnson, Research Consultant, as she walks us through the product road map, from idea generation to commercialization. Join us on Fri, Oct 15 at 1PM ET:

If knowledge is power then vocabulary is the key to it 🗝️ Lindz Amer, Creator of “Queer Kid Stuff”, is committed to breaking down complex ideas around gender and sexuality. In this recording you'll: 🌈 Learn key vocabulary and concepts that describe diverse gender identities and sexualities 🌈 Understand the LGBTQIA+ youth perspective 🌈 Hear tips and tricks for making youth environments more LGBTQIA+ inclusive Learn the breakdown:

Wonder what it’s like to work at Bumble? 🐝 Find out at our private networking event on Wed, Oct 6 at 12 PM BST/ 7 AM ET. You’re invited to take an inside look at what it’s like to be on the tech team and how they support two of the world’s biggest dating and connection apps with millions of customers worldwide. 💛 Come meet potential future teammates and chat with hiring managers: