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There Is a Pattern to Success - Know It and Live Your Dream!

It's great to have dreams - but do you know how to make them real? Nathalie is joining us 7/15 to share her journey from #singlemom to #sixfigureincome - plus her secret to achieving your goals with confidence! Sign up now - free registration below⬇️

OFFICE HOURS: Enterprise to Autonomy: The Transition to Start-Up Life

Changing jobs can be scary - but there is no reward without risk. Join us 7/15 to hear why Yelena made the move from corporate to startup and how to tell if this journey is for you! Bring your questions for the #live #QandA - sign up now!

Navigating Career Transitions, Part 2

Back by popular demand, Marisa will join 7/14 us for a 1-hour #QandA to discuss #returnships, career transitions, & how to best market your personal strengths! Sign up ⬇️ & don't worry if you missed Part 1 - click the link below to 👀 the 📽️

Career Crossroads: Lateral Moves to Upgrade Your Career

What do you do when you love your company, but the space for #advancement is limited through no fault of your own? Mindbody's Amaya says you can leave OR you can make a #lateralmove for powerful growth. Join us 7/14 to learn more about this #careerpath option!

Chat Series: Lift Every Voice & ACT! (The Black Experience)

What does it take to be racially literate? Join our weekly round table THIS FRIDAY as we demystify the Black narrative. Join international artist & activist Maryella Marie for this personal, shared experience & end the session with action! Sign up now!