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Celebrating Pride With The Peloton Team

Below is an article originally written by PowerToFly Partner Peloton, and published on May 31, 2018. Go to Peloton's page on PowerToFly to see their open positions and learn more.


What does Pride mean to you?

Pride gives me the courage and confidence in myself and my tribe to continue to be proud of oneself. It's a moment out of 12 months a year that the LGBTQ community gets to come together and rejoice in the honor and pride we share as one.

What do you wish people knew about Pride?

That people knew that Pride is more than rainbows. There is a deep, rich and awe-inspiring history that has to lead us to where we are today and without those brave souls who stepped forward with passion, we as the LGBTQ community wouldn't be as accepted as it is today. There is still work to be done, just like anything else but there is a solid foundation to build upon.

What's your favorite Pride memory?

My favorite moment has to be in 2016 when the Supreme Court voted to legalize Gay Marriage in the United States. Being in New York it was a celebratory and exuberant day and weekend shared with loved ones from around the world.

How does Peloton support you in bringing your full self to work?

Every day I get to walk into any Peloton studio or office with my head high and my chest proud that I can be completely me. Being accepted for my individuality is one the greatest blessings I receive daily. I am known for my fashion-forward style and to truly know that it's okay to wear you and it feels so good.

How are you celebrating Pride on the bike this month?

Every time I hop on the Bike or Tread this month, I will be uniting with my fellow Peloton Members as we all work out towards a goal of feeling good mentally, physically and in spirit.

What are you most proud of in your life?

I am most proud of discovering and rediscovering my true raw being. Through my childhood a lot of burdens and roadblocks where presented in front of me and while I never knew where I would end up the next day I always knew deep within me that my dreams would become reality. Today, I can proudly say that they are coming to fruition from my co-creation.


What does Pride mean to you?

Pride means speaking your truth even when it's something scary, taking a deep breath and listening to your gut – because your gut always knows. Allow yourself to actually say what's true for you.

How are you celebrating Pride this year?

I am celebrating Pride this year by getting back on my bike to race another season, going to national championships, going to world championships, and hopefully this time: gold!

How are you celebrating Pride on the bike this month?

I am celebrating Pride on the bike this month with a Pride ride, I cannot wait!

What's your favorite Pride memory?

My favorite Pride memory is when I took my daughter to the parade and it opened up all the possibility of people being able to express themselves and their absolute truth and be completely free. Her face lit up at the freedom of the dance and the costume, the joy, the fun and the play. That was one of my favorite memories.

How does Peloton support you in bringing your full self to work?

Peloton supports and encourages real-ness. We share our life, our stories, bringing our full selves to our riders every day. And I believe it's that principle of authenticity that we all operate from, that fosters the strength of the community we have created here.

What are you most proud of in your life?

I am most proud of every moment I was scared to do something and did it anyway. I am most proud of speaking my truth. I am most proud of how this has affected my daughter's perception of the world she lives in. She is growing up in a world where she sees that there are closets and that people are always in progress. They live inside and outside of those closets and that some closets have more than one door and that no one is to be judged.


What does Pride mean to you?

Pride to me is a full-blown celebration of self-love. You betta work!

What do you wish people knew about Pride?

That any and all humans are welcome. The point is acceptance, equality and truly looking at others and appreciating them for their differences. The differences that make the world a beautiful place.

What's your favorite Pride memory?

My first Pride in NYC 2012. It was overwhelming and really made me realize how incredible NYC was. Seeing thousands of people flock to the streets for the sole purpose of having a good time and spreading love and PRIDE.

How does Peloton support you in bringing your full self to work?

By creating such a warm, all-inclusive environment. It's the little things such as proudly and loudly taking a big part in Pride. It's the team meetings where equality and diversity are often main talking points. It's all of the progressive, lovely humans who set the tone each day here at HQ.

How are you celebrating Pride on the bike this month?

I'm hoping to get into a class at the studio! If I could be in a Jess King, Live DJ, Ride during Pride…I think I would explode…..or turn into a Unicorn…or both.

What are you most proud of in your life?

The beautiful people I've encountered and am fortunate enough to call my family and friends.


Here’s Why Latino/Hispanic Heritage Month Means So Much to Team Peloton

Below is an article originally written by PowerToFly Partner Peloton, and published on October 10, 2018. Go to Peloton's page on PowerToFly to see their open positions and learn more.

One of the things that's made Peloton what it has become is our diverse community. Our products unite people from all over, and every day we get to celebrate the unique employees and Members who bring the Peloton experience to life. During Latino/Hispanic Heritage Month, we're excited to celebrate the culture, history and contributions of Latinx/Hispanic Americans and share why this month is so meaningful to our team.


Latino/Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity to come together and celebrate aspects of the Latinx/Hispanic culture and also take time to acknowledge those who paved the way in history to create opportunity for those today. "Being Hispanic is all about honoring those that came before me," says Sales Pro Stephen Archer. "Representing my family and their hard work means everything to me."

Software engineer Scott Nelson also feels the pride for his roots especially during this time. "My Cuban relatives came to America as refugees and found a community that helped them succeed as doctors, lawyers, and educators. This month reminds me to be thankful for everything my family has done for me," says Scott.

This same idea is a continual inspiration for Peloton Cycling instructor Jess King. "I am first generation American and the daughter of an immigrant mother from Santiago, Chile," says Jess. "Latino Hispanic Heritage Month is an important reminder in our family to follow your dreams, no matter how far they take you, and never forget where you come from."


Whether it's with music, food or dancing it's important to our team to soak up all the ways to celebrate. "Some of my favorite ways to get involved in Latino Hispanic culture is to go to local festivals in the area! I get to eat some amazing food from other countries, and dance, which I love to do," says Helen Gonzalez, who works in sales at Peloton's Palo Alto showroom and loves the feeling of coming together to celebrate, not only with Hispanics and Latinos, but others who embrace the beauty of the culture.

Another way to get involved is to clip in to any of our classes inspired by Latino/Hispanic Heritage Month. Our instructors have planned workouts that will get you in the spirit to sweat and celebrate at the same time. "If you've ridden with me, you know I'm more than proud of my Mexican/Puerto Rican roots," says Peloton Instructor Hannah Marie Corbin, who wants you to pump those Latin beats and celebrate no matter where you're from.


We believe it's important to understand why we pause and honor this time. "Celebrating Latino Hispanic Heritage Month is essential to me because I feel this is a time to cultivate unity by leaning in and listening to one another's experiences, especially the ones that are different than our own," says Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby. Celebrating the contributions of all cultures is inspirational for our employees, says Warehouse Specialist Eduardo Bonilla. "Giving the spotlight to the pioneers of social change is well-deserved," he says. "Each and every day let's make an effort to celebrate all cultures and how far we've come."


Q&A With Peloton’s HR Team

Partner Content

Below is an article originally written by PowerToFly Partner Peloton, and published on February 11, 2016. Go to Peloton's page on PowerToFly to see their open positions and learn more.

Company culture is important and when it comes to developing a collaborative, interesting, fun and smart work environment, Peloton's HR team are experts at this. We talked more with our VP of Human Resources Amy Stoldt and Human Resources Manager Kristy Foss to learn more about what they believe makes the Peloton employee experience stand out amongst others and their goals for continuing to support an expanding team.

What is your favorite thing about working at Peloton?

Amy: My favorite thing about working at Peloton would be the autonomy and ability to take a project and continue it on your own, with guidance of course and the ability to bounce it off of people of course, but generally having ownership of something and carrying it through. To me, that is very exciting and it's something that is very different from other positions I've been in.

Kristy: I would agree. I think the freedom to really to collaborate with other departments and really have other people listen to what you say in addition to how smart and ambitious everyone in the company is, I think that's really unique.

How would you describe the Peloton culture?

Kristy: It's changing a little bit as we grow, but basically, "work hard, play hard". I think a lot of people here are passionate about what they do and very engaged with their work environment but I think at the same time we do really value the fun parts. Group spin classes, happy hours and company parties are a few examples of how we like to have fun here.

Amy: I think everyone genuinely likes to be together. You have more excitement about coming to work. You don't feel like you're on your own and it makes doing great work that much better.

Describe in 3 words the Peloton work environment.

Amy & Kristy: Collaborative, inclusive and goal oriented.

Do you think there's a direct correlation between a fun work environment and productivity?

Amy: Absolutely. I feel like an unhappy employee is way less productive. There definitely is a correlation between feeling valued, feeling like you're part of a team, not feeling isolated and performing well in your position. The people around you are the ones who will make you want to be more creative, go the extra mile and think outside of the box. We find this going on constantly in the office, which is amazing.

Kristy: I think our managers make the work environments really fun. I think they set really clear expectations and make people feel like they can achieve things that actually make a difference in their company. The type of person our company attracts is a very ambitious, very goal oriented person, which makes for a fun work environment. People here really value recognition, not in a greedy or selfish way, but in a way where they feel appreciated by their work rather than their reputation. I think the fact that we're a company of over 200 people and we still send out e-mails celebrating big achievements is a huge indicator of what our culture is like.

How does the Peloton work environment benefit the employee skill set?

Amy: I think when you get a lot of positive reinforcement that makes you want to do your job that much better, no matter what skills you're using. Your skills can only improve from there.

What has been the most fun team outing or experience so far?

All of our happy hours are always great. Our holiday parties are the best – They're amazing and no matter how large of a group we become, we'll always try to make them special. Other events that we're looking forward to that should be awesome are group ski trips, tech talks, and possibly a team scavenger hunt throughout NYC. We're always trying to find fun and unique ways to bring departments together.

What makes Peloton different than any other company?

Kristy: There's just an overall sense of great energy in every way. We're working on something that's really really cool. We have this amazing product that actually makes people's live's better which makes our employees really passionate since it's an inspiring thing to work on in all departments. Knowing that you're making something from scratch.

Amy: What I hear from a lot of people who have crossed that line and accepted a Peloton offer is that they made the decision based off the fact that we're creating something from scratch that didn't exist before and that's really exciting.

What are your goals for continuing to develop the Peloton team and community?

Working with recruiters to attract new talent which we've found is a refined art, training development and rolling out our new internship program for this summer, 2016!