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Zynga Inc. is a global leader in interactive entertainment with a mission to connect the world through games 🎮 - and they're hiring in India! The application process at Zynga varies depending on the role you’re applying for. Before applying, get creative: customize your resume according to the job’s requirements and add a cover letter to stand out from the crowd. ▶️ Tune in to hear Rakshitha’s three tips to prepare for the interview and watch the FULL VIDEO here: 📱 Did you know that 50% of Zynga gamers are women? Mirroring that diversity, exactly half of the board members at Zynga are women too! If this piques your interest, Zynga currently has over 300 open positions all over the globe:

We're thrilled to announce our continued partnership with Zynga Inc.! 🎊 #PowerToFlyPartner "At Zynga, we use the opportunity with each hire to create our culture - beyond “fit”, we ask what each potential Zyngyite can add to our team and what uniqueness they bring to broaden our perspective and skill set." See open roles here:

International Women's Day is tomorrow & so many of our wonderful partner companies are celebrating and supporting the women on their teams. How will you celebrate? Let us know in the comments🎉👯 Thank you to all the companies who shared with us: Procore Technologies, Freddie Mac, OneLogin, Zynga Inc., Kin + Carta, Greenhouse Software, Quip, Vrbo, Invesco, Dell Technologies, Guru, & Elastic Learn more about their efforts here⬇️