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Diversity Reboot Summit 2020 Product Expo


Words Move People

Textio is the inventor of augmented writing. Textio's data-fueled predictive engine generates highly effective writing that sounds like you. No more tortured minutes of staring at a blank page, struggling to find the perfect turn of phrase -- just jot down your thoughts, press the Tab key, and watch the words flow.

Textio raises the standard for writing platforms: bias interruption that goes beyond gender, expanded language insights, and new integrations.

The New Textio

The company's newest platform provides more integration, more inclusion, and more data. The platform focuses on providing your hiring teams with instant access to the most extensive and up-to-date language performance data in the industry -- in real time as they write.

Features and Benefits

  • WRITE MORE INSIGHTFUL AND INCLUSIVE HIRING CONTENT: Textio helps your whole team stop guessing and write thoughtful, inclusive, on-brand content quickly and confidently.
    • Features include editing guidance, enhanced score data, and bias interruption beyond gender.
  • EMPOWER YOUR TEAM WITH FASTER, INTEGRATED WORKFLOWS: Textio's central library brings your talent and brand content together and makes it a snap to review, approve, and publish.
    • Features include new ATS integrations, Textio Flow smart content creation, one-click equal opportunity statements, centralized document sharing workflows.
  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS WITH DEEPER LANGUAGE ANALYTICS: Textio is the only writing platform that shows your hiring language compared to your competition.
    • Features include team achievements dashboard, Textio competitive index, and coming soon -- language usage analytics.
    • Click here to learn how Textio's augmented writing guidance expands to include both ageism and ableism.

Client Testimonials

  • Direct Line Group recruiters felt empowered by Textio's platform to find inclusive, impactful language that aligns with the culture that they aim to create for their employees.
  • The County of Los Angeles, the most populous county in the US, uses Textio's platform to craft the right message for their job posts. Read on to see how Textio helped the County of Los Angeles target the right candidates for their open roles.
  • Procter & Gamble saw a 30% increase in the number of qualified applicants after deploying Textio's platform.

How does it work? Check out Trail of Bits' product demo:

Product Expo - Textio

Want to learn more?

Learn how Textio writes with you to improve your hiring score. Textio will be presenting their platform live on June 15th from 2:00pm - 3:00pm ET at Product Expo, part of the Diversity Reboot Summit. Fill out the form below for more information. We look forward to seeing you at the Summit!

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