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Trump's Win Is Making Tech Care More About Diversity - According To A New Survey

Yeah, seems like an alternative-universe headline, but a study conducted by Atlassian shows that of the 1,400 tech workers surveyed across the United States, forty-eight percent say they care more about diversity after the election. And forty-one percent even said they changed their workplace behavior as a result.

The study is fascinating and also points out what we're seeing more of at PowerToFly.com, the realization among employees that a “bottoms up approach" for improving diversity and inclusion at companies could be the way to finally move the needle. That means more employees want to get involved in making their companies less homogenous. At PowerToFly we recently submitted a panel to Grace Hopper around this very topic with the title “Everyone Can Build Inclusive Environments: How You Can Shape Diversity Initiatives No Matter Your Career Level”. Hopefully we're accepted and can widen the conversation, especially as it is top of mind for employees.


Read more of the survey here if you want to dig in.  And share our jobs from companies that are on PowerToFly because they care about creating environments were women can thrive.

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