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We Got Technical with WeWork's Women Leaders

PowerToFly was proud to partner with WeWork to host a special night of networking and discussions, highlighting their women tech leaders, on August 1st in San Francisco.

As someone who formerly had an office at a WeWork in New York, it's been enlightening over the last few months of our collaboration to learn not just more about the extensive community that WeWork has built but also how they are using technology to revolutionize the way we approach productivity and the workplace as a whole. This event was a fantastic opportunity for the women leaders behind some of WeWork's tech products to dive deeper into both their current projects and career journeys before an audience of skilled tech professionals.

Hosted by PowerToFly's Jamie Lipiner, the night kicked off with a welcome address and product demo by Veena Basavaraj, Senior Manager Engineering and Tiffany Jung, Senior Product Manager, providing both an overview of WeWork and a deeper dive into their innovative product.

The centerpiece of the evening was then an honest and organic panel discussion featuring several of WeWork's women leaders including Thushara Paul, Senior Manager Engineering; Ramya Amancharla, Director of Product; Sri Modukuru, Senior Manager Engineering; Jiaona Zhang, Director of Product; and Mimi Hui, Senior Director, Product. Following a few discussion topics from Jamie, we opened the floor to questions from the audience.

The evening concluded with ample time for our attendees to network with both the WeWork team, including hiring mangers, as well as with their peers over food and drinks.

The foundation of WeWork is community and their global team is able to connect through monthly all-hands meetings featuring coworkers from around the world. WeWork's inclusive employee community groups include Women of We, We of Color and Pride of We.

WeWork is hiring! Visit their page on PowerToFly to learn more about their open roles.


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