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We Heard from American Express Tech Leaders in Phoenix

PowerToFly wrapped up February in Phoenix, Arizona with an evening of networking and learning with tech leaders at American Express. This special and diverse gathering featured an inspiring keynote address, an illuminating product demo, and an interactive panel discussion.

This special evening concluded with more networking time, including one-on-one opportunities to chat with American Express hiring leaders and our night's speakers.

After some delicious refreshments, the night began with introductory remarks by PowerToFly's Cristina Duke, who introduced Danielle Cloud, VP Loyalty Programs at American Express, to deliver the night's keynote address. Once Danielle concluded, we were treated to a special product demo by Sandeep Bose, CIO, Global Risk Managment.

Next up, a panel of American Express leaders sat down with Cristina for an open panel discussion where they discussed their career histories, life at American Express, and such topics as work-life integration. Our amazing panel included:

  • Priya Koul – VP Technology
  • Nagesh Ramisetty – VP Technology
  • Julian Chambers – VP Technology
  • Danielle Cloud - VP Loyalty Programs
This special evening concluded with plenty of more networking time, including one-on-one opportunities to chat with American Express hiring leaders and our night's speakers.

American Express is hiring. Their amazing benefits include up to 26 weeks of paid parental leave, flexible work arrangements, Healthy Living wellness programs, tuition assistance, and great medical coverage. Learn more about American Express and their open roles by going to the American Express profile page on Power to Fly.

A look at our panel of American Express leaders.

American Express' Phoenix campus.

Guests networking at the top of the evening.

A fantastic opportunity for Phoenix professionals to meet each other.

A great chance to chat one-on-one with members of the American Express team.

PowerToFly's Cristina Duke.

Listening to our amazing panel.


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