We Were All Ears at Our Event with Audible's Women Tech Leaders in Cambridge

Check out photos from our January event!

PowerToFly reunited with Audible, the world's largest seller and producer of audiobooks and other spoken-word entertainment, to host an intimate evening of networking and learning at Audible's Cambridge, MA office at the end of January. PowerToFly was also super psyched to host our first-ever event in Cambridge!

Hosted by PowerToFly CEO Milena Berry, this special evening began with a welcome address by Jenn Lee, Director, Software Development who greeted our attendees and provided an overview of Audible's mission to unleash the power of the spoken word.

Our audience was treated to a pair of behind-the-scenes product demos. First up was an Audible on Alexa demo by Lauren Zwetolitz, Sr. Software Development Engineer II - Test and Shweta Brahme, Sr. Manager, Quality Assurance Engineer. Next up was an operational excellence demo lead by Shallu Bhagat, Sr. Manager, Software Development. Both presentations were fascinating and provided technical and unique insight into Audible.

Next up, we transitioned into the evening's panel discussion where Lauren, Shweta and Shallu joined Milena for an open discussion on such topics as career journeys, favorite projects, work-life integration and more. Our impressive panel then stuck around to answer lively questions from the audience.

The night concluded with some closing remarks from Jenn before moving back into more networking and fun.

Here's what one attendee had to say about the event: "I was very impressed with the panelists, and it was very exciting to see a room full of women excited to be there. Compared to other networking events I've attended, this group was high-energy."

Visit Audible's page on PowerToFly to learn more about the company and their open roles.

A look at PowerToFly's event with Audible in Cambridge

Audible's Jenn Lee

A packed house at the event!

A look at our panelists and their favorite listens.

A look at our amazing panel of leaders.

Great conversations!

Plenty of time to network!

A great chance to meet other skilled professionals!

What a great event!

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