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An Inside Look at Our Event with HomeAway's Women In Tech

Women Share Their Experiences Working at HomeAway

On February 28th, PowerToFly returned to Austin to partner on our second event with groundbreaking vacation rental company HomeAway. This invite-only event was for mid to senior women in tech working as Software Engineers, UX Designers, Data Scientists & Analysts, Mobile Engineers and more.

Hosted by PowerToFly's Cristina Duke (an Austin native), the event kicked off with a keynote address by HomeAway's Senior Vice President, Strategy, Brand and Communications Judy Kay before jumping into an informative panel discussion and Q&A session featuring several of HomeAway's women leaders including:

Here's what one attendee had to say about the event: "I am the only woman on a team of a dozen or so engineers. I really found it refreshing to hear what the panelists had to say. It definitely made me want to pursue an opportunity with a company where I can work with an equal mix of men and women. Thank you!"

If you are looking for new opportunities, HomeAway is hiring. Their amazing benefits include plenty of paid vacation, up to 20 weeks of parental leave, and their one of a kind Table Talks aimed at encouraging creativity and innovation. Think you'd like working at HomeAway? Visit their page on PowerToFly to learn more.

Our HomeAway panel of women leaders.

A packed house

Senior Vice President, Strategy, Brand and Communications Judy Kay

A look at our panel discussion

The event included plenty of time for networking

Great food, courtesy Kristin Collins of Fluff

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