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LendingClub's Director Of Design On The Traits We Should All Own

Someone who knows their stuff front and back. Someone with strong opinions that are loosely held. Someone who will fight to eliminate problems, work, and barriers for the user.

Sure they've received multiple awards including Fast Company's 'Most Innovative Companies' of 2014, 'Best Places to Work in the Bay Area', and CNBC's 'Disruptor 50', but what do LendingClub's employees really think about the working for the company that's bringing borrowers and investors together?!

Cue our chat with Samantha Berg - she's spent the last 10+ years building tight knit teams and just this past year, growing one at LendingClub. See what she has to say about her latest role and find out what she's looking for in her next teammate below!

Did we mention LendingClub is hiring through PowerToFly?! Check out their open roles on PowerToFly here, and don't forget to 'Follow' LendingClub to receive exclusive job matches, event invites, and more!

What is your title and how long have you been working for LendingClub?

Samantha Berg: I'm the Director of Design at Lending Club and I've been working here for just over a year.

What are some of your responsibilities as the Director of Design?

SB: I oversee the design for our main revenue drivers: our personal loans product and our auto refinance product. More specifically, my team and I are focused on the acquisition experiences that bring members to LendingClub.

What traits are you looking for in your next team member?

SB: I'm looking for someone who's self-motivated. Someone who doesn't ask for a seat at the table, but rather, walks up to the table and sits down. Someone who knows their stuff front and back. Someone with strong opinions that are loosely held. Someone who will fight to eliminate problems, work, and barriers for the user.

What do you love most about working at LendingClub?

SB: I love the team I've built at LendingClub. I've hired some amazing people who are passionate about fighting for what our users need, who are excited to learn, who are humble in their actions, and who make coming to work a real pleasure.

If you could describe the culture at LendingClub in one word, what would it be?

SB: I'd describe the culture of the design team as excited.

Why did you decide to partner with PowerToFly?

SB: It's too often that women are overlooked for the roles they deserve. It's too often that women see each other as competition instead of looking for ways to rise the tide for all boats. It's too often that women are underrepresented in companies, in leadership, on boards, and in any room I'm walking into. I'm partnering with PowerToFly so I can make change for others and so I can support the incredible women around me.

Do you have any advice for someone interested in working at your company?

SB: Let's get in touch! :)


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